What is Nutrilac?

A special nutritionally complete liquid meal with high energy content and low lactose, intended for a dietary approach during malnutrition associated with illness.

Our products

The objective of our products is too provide the nutrients and other elements that body needs daily to maintain optimum health.


Where to buy?

All products produced by Bohušovická mlékárna a.s. you can purchase in our company stores, where you will find a wide range of dairy products and other complementary range of goods. We look forward to your visit!

Manufacturer and distributor

Bohušovická mlékárna a.s.
Brňany 125, 411 56 Bohušovice nad Ohří

Tel: +420 724 253 132
Email: objednavky@bohusovickamlekarna.cz
Web: www.bohusovickamlekarna.cz

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