What is NutrilaC?

NutrilaC, NutrilaC Plus, NutrilaC - S

A special nutritionally complete liquid meal with high energy content and low lactose, intended for a dietary approach during malnutrition associated with illness.


Arises as a result of insufficient nutrients necessary for body composition and proper function.

Causes of malnutrition

Insufficient food intake, swallowing disorders, digestive disorders, metabolic disorders, illness.


Mechanical disorders or disorders of oral cavity functioning, dysphagia, vascular brain events, pre-operative and post-operative states, stenosis of the oesophagus, anorexia, nutritional support in advanced age.

Recommended dosage

For adults
as a nutritional supplement: 200 – 600 ml NutrilaC daily between meals; as a sole source of nutrition: 1100 – 2000 ml daily provides the complete recommended daily allowance of energy and nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Use only as recommended by a doctor or qualified professional in the field of pharmacology or nutrition. Not recommended for children under 3. Use with caution for children between 3 and 6 years of age.


Advantages of NutrilaC Nutrition

  •  Produced from milk sources
  •  Excellent sensory characteristics
  •  Great price
  •  Distributed in 200 ml, 300 ml and 500ml
  •  Manufactured in the Czech Republic

Expert opinion:

NutrilaC fulfils all the requirements for complete enteral nutrition with all necessary macro and micro nutrients in its many flavor varieties produced in the Bohušovice creamery. It is based on milk protein, which is the most natural and thereby the most physiological source for human consumption. However, the product also respects the fact that many people with intestinal problems or advanced age can experience lactose intolerance, conditioned by a shortage of the digestive enzyme lactase. Thanks to its reduced lactose content, NutrilaC is appropriate for persons who don't tolerate it well.

Doc. MUDr Lubomír Kužela, DrSc.
Nutrition Department CPM, 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University 



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