What is NutriSen?


Complete hyper-calorific enteral nourishment.
Intendedfor sipping.

Characteristics and benefits:

  • Increased energy value (1 ml= 2 kcal)
  • Optimal and balanced content of proteins, saccharides and fats
  • Meets almost 100% of daily requirements for all vitamins, minerals and trace elements, depending on dosage
  • Gluten free


This product is intended for:
Patients before or after an operation
Cancerous patients
Malnourished patients (e.g. senior citizens) or patients with high need forenergy and nutrition
Patients with oral dysfunctions, dental problems or difficulties with swallowing
Patients with a lack of appetite, anorexia, bulimia etc.


This product must not be administered to patients who are sensitive to any element listed in the product’s composition. Do not administer this product in cases of flaccid or impassablebowel.


The recommended daily intake for an adult as afood supplement is 150-200 ml 1-2times a day between meals; or as a sole nutrition source 800-1000 ml daily.

Important Notice:

Consult a doctor or a person who is qualified in the field of clinical nutrition or pharmaceuticals regarding the administration of this product. Do not give to childrenunder the age of 3! Be cautious when administering to children between the ages of 3 and 6.


Re-sealable 200ml bottles.
18 pcs in one carton.


Banana, Chocolate, Vanilla

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